winners of the raffle

winners of the raffle – North Dakota Gold Prospecting Association

1. hennery youth lever                     Chad Myrvik

2. hennery golden boy                     Brenda Foster

3. savage 3 270 trophy hunter        Jesse Jangula

4. Ruger 22-250                              Elmer Hofmann

5. browning bps stocker                  Kyle Gibson

6. Winchester xsp 12  gage            Dave l Docter

7. dpms 223                                    Ken Kincade

8. glock 17 9mm                             Jessie Pederson

9. fn -5 9 mm                                  Nick Fleming

10. hennery silver eagle 22 mag    Roger Kubik

11. whites metal detector               Evelyn Bartee

12. gold pan and                            Lee Plochocki

13.  keen sluice box                      Joe Dietrich

Saturday Outing and Arts in the Park results

Saturday, the 18th we have an outing planned.  Please meet at the Legion Park, by the golf course on Hwy 6 in Mandan at 9AM.  We will carpool to Johnson’s Wrecking, where they found a lot of fine gold last time.  Your contact person is Wade Kincaid his cell phone # is 214-9166.  They will be back from the outing around 3:00.  If you like you can bring your fishing pole, there is a deep hole around the bend. Over $1,600.00 worth of tickets for our raffle were sold at Arts in the Parks this last weekend.  Great job to those guys helping out!!!

Raffle information

The application for the raffle permit was dropped off today in Mandan. We should hear back by next Thursday. The permit will be sent to the printers at that time and we will have tickets ready ten days later. Raffle tickets will be $20 each. The raffle drawing and smoker will be on October 10th, 2015 starting at 5pm at the Mandan Eagles Club. There will be various door prizes along with the raffle drawings. The Eagles will have available for $10 a roast beef supper. We will post the prize list for the raffle as soon as we get the tickets.

South Dakota trip information

This weekend (March 17-19) we will not be going to South Dakota. We will be going the following weekend (March 24-26). This is to check on the claims that we have found and to assay the quality of gold in these claims. You will need to make your own hotel reservations. We have been staying at Super 8 in Sturgis. The rates are fairly reasonable through, although most other sites are probably the same, it won’t hurt to check others as well. Keep in mind they don’t allow dogs at this hotel. If you have an questions or are available to go, send an email to Ed at fieldservices3(at) or call 701-400-2305.

Upcoming Meeting April 8th, 2015

Greetings everyone,
Just a quick reminder that our monthly meeting is coming up this Wednesday, April 8th at 7PM in meeting room B. I will be bringing the hats we ordered. They’re a good quality, good fitting hat. They come in camo, black, Navy and pink. The guys decided that hats would sell for $20. Our club will make $5 on each hat we sell. We will probably show another of Kevin Hougelands “Gold Trails”  30 minute DVD. Ed, Tenor, Derle and Albert made a trip to SD to check on claims…..we’re getting closer to having one it sounds like. We’ll also be discussing information and final planning on our raffle for the club.
Hope to see you there.

March 11th Meeting

Begin minutes for March 11th, 2015.

Marth 11th 2015 meeting was called to order by Terry Hoerer. Deb B. gave the treasures report of $1,320.71 in checking.

Old Business: We will wait one more week for the hats from Shirt Shack and cancel the order if they are not here by then. Deb made a motion to reimburse Ed for paying the $20 fee for website access to claims maps. Albert seconded it.

Vic and Terry announced NDGPA will be invited to a potluck picnic put on by the local gem club at Shelter 9 on July 12th.

Ed gave a report on looking for a claim for the club. He ordered maps and will receive them in the mail. It was decided Albert, Terry, Derle, Forrest, Dave B, Ed, and Tenor will go to SD the weekend of the 21st. Albert nominated Forrest to head up the raffle committee. Ed seconded it.

Election of officers was held:

Terry H. was nominated by Derle to be re-elected for President. Lowell seconded

Albert was nominated by Ed for Vice President. Derle seconded

Deb was nominated by Derle to be re-elected for Secretary. Ed seconded

Co-chairman’s for claims will stay the same: Derle and Ed

The club watched another Gold Trails DVD.

End of minutes for March 11th, 2015.

January 19th Claims Meeting

I apologize about the delay in uploading this stuff like I said I would. I was quite exhausted from work this week. Here is the three claims that were previously closed by the Bureau of Land Management and are now available again. These are their coordinates and can be used to reference them if contacting them.

07 0030N 0020E 006 (GPS: 44° 15′ 03.00″ N 103° 55′ 29.90W)

07 0030N 0020E 020

07 0020N 0020E 010

The following file below are the maps that contain claims of South Dakota from Gold Maps Online.

You will need Google Earth to view them as laid out here.

South Dakota Maps



july meeting

The next meeting will be July 9 at 7:00 PM at sertoma park shelter 9. We will be having our annual pot luck picnic. There will be panning and other equipment set up. Every one is welcome to join, See you there.