January 19th Claims Meeting

I apologize about the delay in uploading this stuff like I said I would. I was quite exhausted from work this week. Here is the three claims that were previously closed by the Bureau of Land Management and are now available again. These are their coordinates and can be used to reference them if contacting them.

07 0030N 0020E 006 (GPS: 44° 15′ 03.00″ N 103° 55′ 29.90W)

07 0030N 0020E 020

07 0020N 0020E 010

The following file below are the maps that contain claims of South Dakota from Gold Maps Online.

You will need Google Earth to view them as laid out here.

South Dakota Maps



july meeting

The next meeting will be July 9 at 7:00 PM at sertoma park shelter 9. We will be having our annual pot luck picnic. There will be panning and other equipment set up. Every one is welcome to join, See you there.

March Meeting

Our March meeting will be tomorrow at 7pm, at the library downstairs. Ed W. will be bringing some test tubs with sand and things you would find in the ground to get people used to to the sounds of their metal detectors. So bring your metal detectors with.

Gene Massey with White’s metal detectors will be there as well and, will be bringing a few metal detectors if anyone is interested in purchasing a new one.

November meeting photos

Here are the pictures from the November meeting. Dakota Fred was here for this one and we got some pictures of him with our members. Sorry for the lateness on the upload of these. I’ve been super busy as of late since I went out of state for this meeting. Enjoy!

Site Downtime

I apologize about the site being down for the past several days. I completely missed it since I was doing some maintenance on the main server hosting everything. Everything should be back to normal and if you can’t see it yet (how you would be reading this would be beyond me o_O) then it will be available within another 24 to 48 hours depending on your ISP. Keep on looking for that yellow gold! -Tenor

Aug meeting

We will have the next meeting at zonta park at 7:00 PM aug 15. If you have a metal detector bring it we’ll have some fun with them. We will be taking orders for t shirts so bring some cash I thing they might be 20.00. If you have any questions give me a call at 701 226 6325 thanks.